How to Game Sucess

One of the more challenging jobs for solopreneurs, writers, and creatives is managing and completing projects that need that last bit of managing before launch. You know you have them stacked up in a corner, quietly whimpering every time you pass by on your way to more important things like laundry and scrubbing the tile grout with an old toothbrush.

We love to create, we love the wild crazy, we love the fabulous mess of first efforts. But finishing? Editing? Often by the time we reach that last mile of our journey we are bored -  bored with the story, the premise, the idea and our own brain. We need to complete it, we will feel good if the project is full and totally done.

 In this class, the example is to finish editing the final draft of a novel. But you will have your own project that needs finishing. You can apply this technique to anything and everything.

All it takes is a calendar.