Why This Class?

Why this class?

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of suggestions for how to create your best life. From drinking mushroom coffee to cold showers: many options, but few truly palatable. I hate cold showers and I'm not even very fond of mushroom coffee. But I do love to write, so that's what we will discuss in this class: writing. Journaling is not the full answer to anything - it will not take you from A to Z in 8 pleasurable classes. But you will travel from point A to somewhere located in the center of the alphabet.

You will learn how to track where you’ve been, and map out where you are going, along with tools that will help you tell your story along the way.

There is so much to the idea and execution of our story. We are all stories, as Shakespeare borrowed - all the world is a stage, we are players. A quote that assumes you are acting out another person's vision.

This course will help you discover that you are the playwright. You are the storyteller, and you can tell your story now and for the future. If you’d like, you can even literally re-write the past.  

I’m not a psychologist, but discovered that in the course of coaching, that what we write changes us in profound and deep ways. Why not channel this truth and not only write for release, but write to achieve?

“When we genuinely become curious about our relationships, we discover that we have only touched the surface with many of the people we hold dear to us. I find this to be a recurring pattern with many of my own friends. Simply asking a question at the right moment has often led to interesting stories and perspectives that were previously veiled from my view.

This sharing of stories is one of the great joys I’ve experienced over and over again with people. There is always an interesting story behind every mind — and hearing it widens the health of our own.”

https://medium.com/personal-growth/travel-is-no-cure-for-the-mind-e449d3109d71 or https://www.moretothat.com

Stories works for individuals, it works for art, and it works for business. Join me and learn how to write your own story.


We will start small - What is your meaning?

Example: the meaning of my life is to nurture the next generation.

The meaning of my life is to earn money so my family is comfortable

The meaning of my life is to help others discover their true talents.

Write down some thoughts on what your life means and what it should mean. Even some ideas of what meaning is.